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BC Racing North America BR Series Rear Damper 240115AR1125M12

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BR Series Rear Damper 240115AR1125M12
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Will not be a return customer.
by travis m - March 22, 2020
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Was sent coilovers advertised as “extreme low” even requested that they be shortened 25mm to ensure that they would go low like I expected,paid 1400$ said and done and got maybe a 2 to 2-1/2” drop out of their coilovers,voiced my concerns to Scott which had no avail,he pointed me in the direction of new dampers for a Supra,another 350$ on top of the 1400$ id already spent,they swear up and down that the coilovers originally sent were shortened but their build sheet states absolutely nothing about this being done,I know a guy with the exact same coils that were actually shortened and he’s about an inch and a half lower than I am,(no this is not installer error I’ve installed over 15 sets of coilovers myself)so I’m confident they have misled me into thinking they actually shortened them in the first place. Will update once my 350$ dampers comein and I tear my entire car apart for hours to fit them,Will never use this company again. I could have bought KW’s for what these entry level coilovers have ended up costing me. NOT a happy customer in the slightest.

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