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BC Racing BR Series Coilover BR Series Coilover Dodge Viper 2003-2010

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BR Series Coilover Dodge Viper 2003-2010
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Coil overs on my Gen 3 Dodge Viper
by Lewis B - September 24, 2018
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Hello Kevin, I was able to get the Coil overs installed. I want you to know I have been dealing with the Viper feeling like a loose skate board on "waffle" roads when cornering at hwy speeds. This has been a concern for the last 3 years. It would even have whats called "Tire Hop" on hard acceleration from stand still. Forms said it was normal. Let me say ...the BC Coil overs eliminated all the above concerns!! Today was the first time I've enjoyed driving it in 3 years. I put about 125 miles today. I'm looking forward to driving it tomorrow if weather permits. I had the tech raise the rear a little more due to the BIG 375/30/19 tires would KISS the inner rear wheel wells on more agressive dips on the Nashville parkways. Now its 28" rear from floor to tip of rear wheel well edge and 26.5" for the front. It a little bouncy on bumper ...very slight. The Stance is good and healthy for the fiberglass and inner trim rub!! I'm gonna explore a larger rim next summer. But for now feels good and my confidence at higher speed is awesome! Thank you!!! Lewis BeCoats - Nashville TN

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best Bang for the buck and then some!
by Brian W - May 11, 2019
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Flat out best coil overs for the money and more. Amazing ride and handling. Full adjustability. Couldn’t be happier!

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Fast and Friendly
by Scott L - March 28, 2020
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I called with some questions, got the answers needed, ordered and received in about 1 week. Great service and great product.

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