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Top of the List with Hoonigan Hert

We recently met up with our friend Hert from Hoonigan to catch up, see how his car is holding up after constant abuse, and check out the new Hoonigan HQ.

After a few good laughs we asked him to give us his top 3 choices for a number of questions here is what he had to say:


Top 3 Pro Drivers - Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck, Justin Pawlak


Top 3 Pizza toppings - Bacon, bacon, bacon.


Top 3 Tracks driven - Englishtown Raceway, US Air, Jackson County Motorsports Park


Top 3 Tracks to shoot media at - FD Long Beach, PARC, FD Seattle


Top 3 LA food spots - I dont really spend much time in the city.


Top 3 drift videos - KDF ASB 13, FD NJ -everything real big(josh Herron), Church of Noise Mark Lenardon


Top 3 motor setups - LS turbo, LS turbo, LS turbo


Top 3 songs currently listening to - Greif Earl Sweatshirt, 2seater Tyler, Cudi Zone Kid Cudi

Chassis 2nd Gen RX7
Engine Chevy V8 Turbo
Suspension BC Racing BR-type
Primary use Drifting / Hooning / Street Sharking

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