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Snake Pit: Dodge Vipers

Its not everyday you get a chance to check out the evolution of such an iconic American sports car. These two yellow Dodge Vipers were in the shop at the same time so we couldnt pass up the opportunity.


The first gen RT/10 was in for us to do initial product development and testing.


While weve offered a kit for the second gen vipers for a while. We used this ACR to dial in a setup we can offer to owners of this limited club racing edition.


Our default configuration for the first gen offers a wide range of height adjustment shown here at max low. Like our other kits this kit can be customized in spring rate/damping or shifting the height adjustment range.


Profile photo of the second gen seen at max low, this kit can also be fully customized to the buyers specs.


Our 1st gen kit will be available to order from any of our vendors or from us directly from us next month.


An ACR specd kit for 2nd gen Vipers is available NOW!


These kits can be ordered now by contacting any of our vendors or us directly at [email protected] or calling us M-F from 9:30-5:30pm EST at 321-206-6381.

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