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Sebring International Raceway ZR-Type Track Testing

Last month we joined our friends from Precision Sport Industries out at the famous Sebring International Raceway for a fun day of club racing and to help then dial in some of their cars. Sebring having started out as a WW2 era training in the 50s has an unbelieve amount of history, later transforming into the racetrack we know today. Regularly used as a proving ground for both race teams and manufacturers alike the track layout offers a wide range of challenges.

PSI brought out a number of BMW M3s from the old E36 up the the current M4, with some of these cars on our BR-type single adjustable coilovers and others on the new ZR-type 3ways.


Some of you remember this M4 from our 4ward motion cross country drive after SEMA last year. At the time we drove this car on a scenic route from LA back to Central Florida on our then prototype F8x BR coilovers. After finalizing the that setup we swapped this car over to our ZR-type 3way adjustable coilovers.


Davids caged BMW E36 M3 on BR-type coilovers proved to be a very track worthy car putting down some great times over the weekend.


Having just finished putting this car together Travis was out for one of his first test days to shake down the car and start all the fine tuning adjustments before any competitive track events.




We brought out a couple of our large tents and set up a large area for everyone to get a drink and relax between runs. A number of other enthusiast stopped by to ask us about car setups along with other racers running BC coilovers stopping by the tents to say hi. Overall it was a great event with zero incidents and a large amount of real world testing conducted in a safe environment.



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