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King Elise Worlds Fastest and Quickest Lotus

Our friends over at Kings Performance have been hard at work putting together one of the more unique street cars on the road. Using the Lotus Elise as the base platform for this build, they started with a car you rarely see on the roadafter pulling the motor out and swapping in their KP600 power package along with our BC Racing BR-type coilovers the results were more than imagined.

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Opting for a Honda K20a2 motor from an Acura RSX instead of the standard Toyota based motor these cars are shipped with, Kings already put themselves in less charted territory. With tons of experience in the Honda world having had a number of record setting civics and s2000s in the past Kings Performance begin to design the power package.

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A Kings designed top mount manifold holds up the Precision 6266 Turbo front and center when you pop the hood. After spooling the turbo the fiery exhaust gases exit the back of the car via a custom downpipe and muffler.

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In true Street Car fashion, the Lotus drives around on the street on a set of Nitto 555R drag radials.

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Though Kings has proved many times in the past before just how capable even a stock K20 motor is, they decided for this car they wanted even more. After getting the engine back from the machine shop they assembled it with list of KP spec parts.

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With the addition of their own shifter to the top of the Quaife 5sd Sequential Transmission the car was ready to make some passes without fear of mis-shifts.

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When completed this entire package net results greater than anyone expected. After a few trips to the local drag strip, the BR-type coilovers helped keep the car under control for a number of 9 second passes with their best being being 9.5 at 158mph. With changes being made to this car on a daily basis Kings expects the car to get faster and faster with 8s coming in the near future.

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Photos by BC Racing Video by CorretjerFilms

Full Build Specs Listed Below:

Acura K20A2 swap
Innovative swap mount kit
Innovative TB Cable bracket
Innovative K-series pedal
ARP Head studs
KP Spec Oil pump
KP Head gasket
KP spec Dual springs
KP spec Titanium retainer
KP spec Valve set, seals & keepers
KP Timing chain tensioner
KP Lower Timing chain gear
Machine Shop work

BC Racing BR-type 30way adjustable coilovers

Quaife 5 speed Sequential Transmission
KP Shifter & Cable
Wavetrac HP LSD
Competition Clutch
Competition Flywheel
KP Clutch master cylinder pump
Innovative stage 1 axles

AEM V2 ecu
KP 4 map sensor
KP Boost controller solenoid
AEM Failsafe Boost/Wideband gauge
KP Custom complete car harness

AEM E85 320 lph In tank pump
KP E85 Black Nylon braided lines & fittings
AEM Fuel rail
Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator w/ gauge
KP 1000cc Hi-Imp Injectors x 4
KP Inline fuel filter w/ bracket
KP Flex Fuel package

KP T3 Top mount Manifold
Precision Gen 2 6266 BB Billet T3 Turbo
KP Air Intake kit
KP Titanium turbo blanket
KP 3 Custom SS Exhaust
KP 1.75 SS Dumptube
Precision 46mm wastegate
Precision PT1000 Water to Air Intercooler kit
KP 3 Gallon Water tank kit w/ HP Pump, lines & fittings
KP Heat exchanger kit
KP Aluminum piping, hose & clamp kit
Tial Q BOV
KP Aluminum Radiator
Spal Dual electronic fans
KP Water Overflow tank
DEI Heat wrap for all lines
Powder Coating for piping, intercooler, turbo, water tanks

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