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1.    What is the difference between a standard and extreme drop kit?

Our ready to install, out of the box coilover kits provide moderate drop and comfortable ride while still increasing roll resistance and overall handling. Our extreme drop kit gives approximately 1” more drop than our standard kit, and sometimes (but not always) includes stiffer spring rates.


2.    How do you order an extreme drop kit?

To order an extreme drop kit, select the option on our website, or if ordering through an Authorized Reseller, simply request extreme drop when placing your order.


3.    What is a full custom kit, and what does it include?

One thing that sets BC Racing apart from our competitors is that we offer custom options with our kits. When spring rates are changed we also valve the damper to match the spring rate. For extreme drop we use shorter springs, shorter dampers, or both depending on the build. Custom springs rates should only be used when you have already experimented with our standard spring rates of if your build requires stiffer spring rates for other reasons such as; certain track conditions, other supporting mods, or aggressive wheel setup in order to minimize rubbing.


4.    Is this a full kit?

Yes, all BC Racing Coilover kits come with 4 coilovers, one for each corner of the car. Not all BC Racing Coilover kits come with top mounts so some kits will require the use of OEM top mounts.


5.    How much higher can I go in spring rate if I already have a kit?

You can go up 2kg or down 2kg in spring rate. Exceeding 2kg in variation requires a damper valving change. 


6.    What is the min/max lowering for both standard and extreme kits?

Our standard kits are approximately 1” below OEM ride height at max high, and approximately 2.5-3” below OEM ride height at max low. Extreme drop kits are approximately 2” below OEM ride height at max high, and are approximately 4” below OEM ride height at max low, depending on the coilover kit. Some vehicle chassis’ do not fall within these parameters.


7.    What spring rates should I order?

Our standard spring rates are designed with the average driver in mind. This would be someone who mostly drives his or her vehicle on the street, but also wants to enhance roll stiffness for track use, and tighter wheel fitment. Custom rates should only be used in very specific circumstances such as track only vehicles which have much different weight distribution, very large low tread wear tires, trying to add, or reduce a certain handling characteristic, or for very tight fender to lip fitment. We can generate a suggested rate for track vehicles if you provide extensive vehicle information, but custom rates are typically determined by the end-user.


8.    What are camber plates? Why don’t all kits come with them?

Many of our coilover kits utilize camber plates. Camber plates are used in place of the OEM top plate. Camber plates are slotted with a spherical joint attached to allow added camber adjustment, which is ideal for lowered vehicles that have natural camber gain. Most of our coilover kits designed for vehicles with McPherson front suspension include front camber plates. Some however, have OEM design limitations and require re-use of OEM top plates. Other instances in which a camber plate cannot be used is if the car uses an upper control arm as opposed to a McPherson strut, this type of suspension is generally referred to as double A-arm or double wishbone suspension. The reason being is that with an A-arm suspension design, a camber plate does not change the angle of the wheel, the upper A-arm does.  


9.    Do BC Racing Coilovers come with a preset ride height out of the box? What about damping?

BC Racing coilover kits are spec’d out of the box for a moderate drop, and just above mid-range damping. These are good all around settings, but are completely adjustable by the end user to support his or her end goal. Pre-load is already set out of the box.


10. What are BC Racing Swift springs, what are the benefits of purchasing a BC Racing Swift Spring upgrade, what spring rates are available, and do they offer more drop?

BC Racing Swift Springs are considered one of the best springs on the market by industry standards. If you want the most out of your suspension, we recommend you consider the BC Racing Swift Spring upgrade. BC Racing Swifts are made of a proprietary alloy, and are smaller in coil diameter, meaning fewer coils to achieve the same spring rate as a steel spring in the same length. This allows for a lighter spring with more useable stroke. BC Racing Swifts are not susceptible to spring sag or memory retention like a conventional steel spring. Coilover kits ordered with a BC Racing Swift upgrade are the same rate and approximate length as the original BC Racing springs but custom rates are also available for most coilover kits.


11. What’s the highest spring rate I can get?

The highest spring rates available will vary depending on the vehicle. Please contact our sales department with your chassis code: 321-206-6381.


12. What is on-center and off-center BMW E36, E46, Z3, Z4?

When ordering an E36, E46, Z3, or Z4 kit please make sure to determine whether you have on-center or off-center top plates before ordering. We make kits for both on-center and off-center top plate vehicles. We also offer camber/caster plates for many of the vehicles that use off-center top plates.  


13. What is a “weld on” kit?

Some vehicles (for example, E30, Q45, 240Z/260Z/280Z) require welding of the lower mount to the knuckle because the OEM design is one unit. We include instructions but a professional must perform installation.


14. What is the ride stiffness compared to OEM?

BC Racing off-the-shelf kits use 15-20% stiffer springs and 20-30% stiffer damper valving than OEM suspension. The reason for this is our suspension units are shorter to allow for the lowering capability as well as a broad adjustment range. This results in less overall travel and improved handling due to increased roll resistance.


15. What are V barrel, S barrel, and linear springs?

V-barrel springs typically have two different top and bottom inner diameters (ID). They are used in applications that require two different ID’s to fit in the OEM location while also using our height adjustment rings, or shock body lock rings. S-barrel springs are the same I.D top and bottom, but they taper out in the middle. They are used when a vehicle uses springs that are on the shorter and softer end of the spectrum to prevent coil bind during compression cycles. Both of these spring are generally vehicle specific, which means some vehicles that utilize the springs are not eligible for custom spring rates, Swift spring upgrade, and/or extreme drop specs. Linear springs are the most versatile and come in many sizes and rates. They are the same diameter top and bottom. These allow for a lot of customization in the form of rate, length, and Swift upgrade. BC Racing uses 62mm inner diameter linear springs.


16. What size are lock rings/top nuts/spanners etc. my car?

Lock rings, top nuts, spanner wrenches etc. vary from kit to kit depending on the vehicle. To ensure the right size/spec for your chassis, please call or e-mail our sales department at [email protected] or call 321-206-6381. 


17. Do all coilovers come with end-links? If not, why?

End links are generally required when the sway bar mounts to the shock body. The sway bar mounting tab is generally much lower than the OEM mounting tab, which requires the use of a shorter end-link. We include end-links in all kits that require them. If we do not include them they are not necessary.


18. How long does it take to build a custom kit?

Custom kits require a 2-3 week lead-time to be built. We are the leader in custom coilover kits and have a very fast turn around time compared to other coilover companies.


19. Should I order any other suspension components with my BC Racing Coilovers?

BC Racing Coilover kits are direct replacement for your OEM suspension but you may want to purchase some items, such as aftermarket control arms to get your alignment correct after lowering the vehicle due to natural toe and camber gain that varies based on suspension geometry. Other components such as sway bars, upgraded bushings, etc., may complement the kit depending on your end goal, but are not necessary to install your BC Racing Coilover kit.


20. Should I get an alignment after I get my BC Racing Coilovers installed?

We highly suggest an alignment after initial installation or major height adjustment, as changes in ride height will affect your alignment. We recommend you get an alignment after roughly one week of daily driving the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in increased tire wear and possibly cause dangerous handling characteristics.


21. Should I get my car corner balanced?

Corner balancing is a great way to dial in your car’s suspension and get the most out of your coilovers but it is not necessary. Corner balancing is really only useful for drivers who plan on heavily tracking their vehicle or are installing coilovers on a fully gutted and caged race car.


22. When I was setting ride height I couldn’t get both sides of the car to be the same height with the coilovers adjusted exactly the same, why?

There are many things that might prevent the car from having the same ride height on both sides even if the coilovers are equally adjusted. These include different corner weights (vehicles do not weigh the same on each corner,) that can cause one side to compress further, thus sit lower than the other. Some other factors are bushing bind on the control arms holding one side up, incorrect adjustment, pre-load differences etc.


23. Are BC Racing Coilovers suitable for track use?

BC Racing Coilovers are designed with track use in mind. Off-the-shelf kits are tuned for a happy medium between street and track, but can be customized for heavy track use on a track-prepped vehicle.


24. How long does shipping take once they leave BC Racing’s warehouse?

In stock kits generally ship within 24 hours, out of stock kits require a 2-3 week lead- time.


25.How will my coilovers be shipped? USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc?

Within the contiguous United States we ship our kits via United Parcel Service (UPS). When shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada we typically ship United States Postal Service (USPS).


26. Can I have my coilovers shipped to an address other than my home address? If so, what do I need to make that happen?

We can ship to a non-billing address, but will require a credit card authorization form to be filled out and sent back to us as well as a copy of your photo identification and the card being used.


27. Can I have my coilovers shipped to a Post Office (PO) Box?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship coilover kits to a Post Office Box.


28. Can I have my coilovers shipped outside of North America? If so, where outside of North America can BC Racing ship?

We can only ship to a select few countries outside of North America. Please inquire with our Sales Department if you are located outside of North America: 321-206-6381.


29. I’m having noise issue what do I do?

Please send an email to our tech department at [email protected] so we can send you our troubleshooting guide, which explains how to diagnose, isolate, and solve the issue. The Trouble Shooting Guide also includes info on what we need to start the warranty process should it be needed.


30. How long is my warranty period?

Our warranty period is one year against manufacturer’s defects. If we deem a part defective (using our troubleshooting guide referenced in 29) we will send a replacement for that specific part. We will not send an entire corner or kit for such issues; instead we will replace the specific part in question.


31. Can I send my kit in to be rebuilt for $95?

We are not sure were this rumor started, but no, this is not true. We do sell shock cartridge replacements and corners from $95-$840 each, plus shipping as well as all other individual parts of the coilover. We do not require you to send your old units back when purchasing replacement parts. We do this to provide a quick and succinct solution for our customers in order to minimize the amount of time the vehicle is off the road, we want you out driving your vehicle as much as possible!


32. How is ride height adjusted, spring or shock body?

On a true coilover assembly, the ride height is adjusted by threading the shock into or out of the lower mount. On a separate spring and shock setup, the ride height is adjusted at the spring then the shock adjustment is used to pre-load the spring.



33. How do I read spring part numbers?

If you want to know the specs of your spring, they are listed on a spring coil near the middle of the spring in white lettering on BC Racing Springs and BC Racing Swift Springs. The first set of numbers (or first two sets of numbers in the case of a V-barrel spring) is the ID (Inner Diameter), the second set of numbers is the spring length in millimeters (mm), and the third set of numbers is the spring rate in force kilogram per millimeter (kgf/mm).


34. Can I buy one complete coilover or a half kit for the front or rear?

We sell half kits (front or rear) starting at $630 plus shipping and single corner replacements starting at $315 plus shipping. All half kits or complete corners are custom built and require a 2-3 week lead time.


35. What is a spindle kit?

On select vehicles, we offer an alternative to cutting and welding the OEM strut tubes in the form of a spindle kit. These include a spindle with the lower mount built into it to provide a bolt-on installation, which eliminates cutting and welding.


36. What are extenders?

Extenders bolt on to the damping knob on top of the shock, and allow for roughly 12-inches of additional reach for vehicles where the top of the shock is covered by something like trunk carpet, sound deadening, rear seats, etc. Extenders are not applicable on vehicles with side adjusters as the damping knob is located in the wheel-well for quick and easy access.


37. What is the damping adjustment for, what does it do?

BC Racing BR Series, DR Series, RM Series, ER Series and HR Series kits come with 30-clicks of damping adjustment. Adjustable damping is crucial to tuning ride quality and handling characteristics. For example, if you wanted more oversteer (the back end of the car sliding at the limit of grip) you would adjust the rear damping to be higher than the front, or adjust the front softer than the rear. If you wanted more understeer (the front end of the car pushing at the limit of grip) you would adjust the front damping to be higher than the rear, or adjust the rear softer than the front. These adjustments allow you to fine tune the car to the track and your driving preference ensuring the vehicle responds exactly how the driver wants it. Damping can also be used to tune the suspension for ride comfort on the street.


38. BR Series, DR Series, RM Series, ER Series, HR Series, ZR Series? Which Series is best for me?

We have many different models of coilovers with each iteration building on the previous version.

BR Series: Mono-tube shock design with linear damping curve. Most cost effective and highly customizable. Offers ride quality and performance in one affordable package.

DR Series: Mono-tube shock design with digressive damping curve. More track oriented with stiffer low speed damping giving you the best of both worlds with increased “driver feel” while maintaining vehicle predictability over larger bumps such as curb at the apex of a corner. The DR Series is also as customizable as the BR series.

RM Series: Inverted shock design to relocate unsprung weight and move it up to the sprung weight of the chassis where weight can be more easily shaved. The RM Series requires more maintenance and is best suited for frequently tracked vehicles (track only).

ER Series: Mono-tube twin piston shock design, linear damping curve, and independent compression and rebound adjustment. Independently adjustable compression and rebound allows for more detailed tuning of the suspension. In addition the external reservoirs allow for greater oil capacity.

HR Series: Inverted twin piston shock design, linear damping curve, and independent compression and rebound adjustment. The HR Series effectively merges the benefits of the RM Series and ER Series into one great coilover system. Designed for dedicated track use and requires higher maintenance intervals.

ZR Series: Mono-tube twin piston shock design, linear piston, independent high-speed compression adjustment, independent low speed compression adjustment, and independent rebound adjustment. The ZR Series is best suited for the hardcore track car with a driver who’s looking to shave precious seconds off his lap times. With the multitude of adjustments the ZR Series offers, the damping curve can be manipulated to produce a more digressive or linear graph depending on driver needs. The ZR Series will also come with inverted dampers whenever the OEM suspension design is McPherson.

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