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BC Racing North America and The Official BC Racing North America Online Store is one of the largest distributors of custom and off-the-shelf automotive aftermarket suspension products globally, offering more than 1720 unique suspension kits direct to consumer and through distribution and supply chains in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Central America, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands.

Founded in a garage by one man in 2006, BC Racing North America now inhabits 40,000 square feet of office and warehouse space just outside Orlando in sunny, central Florida. BC Racing-NA employs a full-time team of experienced professionals to assist with sales, tech, research & development, marketing, warehousing, accounting, and custom built kits.

Although BC Racing North America started in a garage selling affordable off-the-shelf suspension systems, it has morphed into one of North Americas largest custom suspension designers and manufacturers. BC Racing North America now has over a decade of experience building bespoke suspension systems for enthusiast and professional racecar drivers, enthusiast and professional drifters, stance & show cars, rallycross, and even a few stunt cars for Hollywood movies.

Meet our Team

Pete - Founder and CEO of BC Racing North America

Mike - Chief Accounting Officer

AKA: jefe #2

Drives: 1987 BMW E30 on BR Series Coilovers

Tim - General Manager

AKA: timmy, jefe #3

Drives: 2006 Nissan 350Z with ER Series Coilovers

When I first tried BC Racing suspension I opted for BR Series coilovers. Like most first time coilover buyers, and was immediately in love with them. Once I reached the point where I was able to outdrive the BR Series, I upgraded to the ER Series and was blown away by the product. This was my first real world comparison of BC Racing suspension and I was absolutely astounded by the performance of the ER Series for the price. When I first compared other double adjustable coilovers on the market there was nothing out there that was even close to the price point of the BC Racing ER Series. If I could do it all over again, I would completely skip the BR Series and go straight to the ER Series. In my opinion, there is no manufacturer out there with a better double adjustable coilover for the money."

Kevin - Sales Associate

AKA: kev, k-rod

Drives: 2007 Chevrolet Corvette with BR Series Coilovers

Hands down the best bang for the buck suspension on the market. Coming from the Nissan 240SX world with several other guys coilover kits on the car then upgrading to BC Racing BR Series coilovers there is not another brand I would consider first. From my daily Acura TSX to my C6, BR Series coilovers with Swift spring upgrade are my coilover of choice.

Ginny - Chief Commerce Administrator

AKA: g-whip, wiki-wiki, Gaga

Drives: 2010 Cadillac SRX without coilovers

I am unhappy to report we do not manufacture coilovers for my car, if we did I would buy the DR Series and install them. I love the look, feel, and price of our DR Series coilovers. Fortunately, OEM suspension works in my favor. There are a lot of speed bumps in and out of my neighborhood. With my OEM suspension I can actually increase my speed when driving over speed bumps and I often do, shouting banzaaaaaaai out my car window. Any time I catch a ride with one of my co-workers...I dont get home as fast.

Sam - Tech Associate

AKA: subi-dubi-doo

Drives: 2013 Subaru BRZ with BR Series and DR Series Coilovers

I enjoyed the BR Series kit on my BRZ for 3 years. It improved on the already great chassis the BRZ offers and coupled with better tires made it extremely fun to drive both in autocross and as a daily driver. I have since upgraded to the DR Series coilovers, which are truly a step above, and I love every minute. The best part about these BC Racing coilover kits is the increase in fun, and the ride quality is wife and daughter approved.

Garrett - Marketing Associate

AKA: g-wade

Drives: 1997 BMW E36 328is DR Series Coilovers Swift Springs and air cups

The digressive DR Series kit is perfect for my dual purpose E36 build. The setup gives increased low speed damping translating to more driver feel, while the high speed blow off makes the car more comfortable and easier to drive over bumps on both street and track. I honestly cant say enough good things about this setup.

Marco - Warehouse Specialist

AKA: drift happy

Drives: 1989 Nissan 240SX

Grips track well. Squats well.

Rafael - Custom Build Specialist

AKA: ninja

Drives: 1985 BMW E28 with BR Series Coilovers

BC Coilovers - Completely tailored to what youre looking for on and off the track. No matter the type of racing or style of driving, BC Racing can upgrade your suspension to YOUR preferences. Best of all, parts are sold separately! From the actual damper to the top plates studs, you can get it all directly from BC Racing.

Christopher - Custom Build Specialist

AKA: sonic

Drives: 1995 Lexus SC300 with DR Series Coilovers

I have our DR Series kit and the coilovers are amazing. I picked the DR Series because I wanted a coilover not just for daily driving but also for track use with extraordinary handling and these do. I have the car pretty much slammed; however it drives like OEM. Handling is also amazing around corners in high speeds. I didnt have the confidence to do that before with the stock suspension because we all know the SC is a yacht.

Al - Sales Associate

AKA: juno, junito

Drives: BMW E36 325i

I currently have a standard BR type kit on my E36 325i coupe. This kit allows me to achieve the ride height I was looking for without sacrificing ride quality. Our R&D department invests a considerable amount of time and energy developing our standard rates to strike a fine balance between performance and comfort and it shows. This vehicle is my daily driver and the ride quality and performance benefits are both excellent with the standard BR type kit. Equipped with this knowledge, it made the selection of a standard BR kit for my use a no-brainer.

Scott - Sales Associate

AKA: flash

Drives: 1987 Volvo 760 with BR Series Coilovers

I can report I have driven on the speed bumps by Ginnys house and my BCs take them with no trouble. Awesome ride and handling; compares to the best suspension Ive ever experienced in 25 years of automotive experience and Im looking forward to doing the DR upgrade soon.

Cody - Marketing Director

AKA: slack attack

Drives: 2016 Scion FR-S

Upgrading from OEM suspension is always my first and favorite mod for any of my vehicles. One of my favorite elements of the BC Racing suspension line is the endless possibilities of customization, from custom spring rates to specialized shock valving. This insures the proper suspension setup the first time around!

Pedro - Shipping Associate

It's not about where you start. It's about where you are. Founded in a garage in 2006, BC Racing North America currently offers over 1100 suspension kits through our distribution and supply chain and in-house sales team. Some people dream of success. We just wake up and work.


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