Porsche 997 Carerra RWD BR Type

This week at the BC Racing NA headquarters, we continue testing and refinement of the Porsche 997 BR Type coilover kit.


Factory Porsche cars are built with superior handling in mind. That is why, here at BC Racing NA, we want to ensure that the aftermarket suspension setup will perform leaps and bounds over the OEM setup.


The BR type coilover (left), at the out of the box ride height, side by side with the OEM unit (right).


We are currently working on a revised top hat system for this kit. It will allow consumers to adjust camber on the front of the vehicle and increase our spring rate and length options.


The BR type kit was installed and initial road testing followed.


Stay tuned for a follow-up post showcasing the fully revised 997 Carerra 2WD BR Type coilover kit.